Ring in the New School Year (Open)


tundra: Oh I loved it! Can’t wait for the next seasons to come out :) May 28, 2024 12:54:37 GMT -5
Mist: I'm presuming we're all keeping the same characters and just continuing where we left off, and am going to post accordingly, lol. May 28, 2024 6:54:05 GMT -5
Mist: I still have to watch X-Men 97! I presume you enjoyed it since it inspired you to try out PB again, lol. May 28, 2024 6:13:09 GMT -5
tundra: Lol, seems that way Ava! I kinda got inspired to retry to see if PB would work for me after X-Men 97, and it finally worked 😂 May 27, 2024 17:04:11 GMT -5
Mist: I am a-ok to come back and post here when I can. Gotta figure out my characters' plots/motivations again, lol, but I'm totally game to keep playing if others are willing to! <3 May 27, 2024 16:19:03 GMT -5
Mist: Randomly coming back seems to be the M.O. of this site, lol. May 27, 2024 16:18:00 GMT -5
Mist: 'Ello, 'ello! Glad to see that you guys are hanging around! May 27, 2024 16:17:49 GMT -5
tundra: Heya Kurt! And I understand if you guys can't, I didn't know if this place would still be up or not. Definitely understand if not, but at least wanted to peek in and give a quick update May 27, 2024 13:25:38 GMT -5
Nightcrawler: I pop in from time to time to check in. Can prob get the others back together. Glad you're doing well, Tundra! :D May 26, 2024 20:28:23 GMT -5
tundra: Apologies y’all, was having some issue with Proboards on top of some stuff going on with work. Seems I finally worked out whatever was keeping me off PB. Though not sure if you guys are still around May 22, 2024 12:11:49 GMT -5
Nightcrawler: :-X Mar 26, 2024 6:23:11 GMT -5
Mist: LOL! Mar 24, 2024 8:50:55 GMT -5 *
Incognito: I just noticed that in my Houdini thread, the NPC mentioned predicting warmer weather for Dec and that's what happened and now I'm suspicious of the admin. (rofl) Mar 23, 2024 7:18:51 GMT -5 *
Iceman: So, yeah, I'm good to keep going with Iced Up. :D Mar 21, 2024 7:13:05 GMT -5
Iceman: Edited my posts and moved Flashpoint's into the staff lounge. Mar 21, 2024 7:12:52 GMT -5
Gigabyte: I'm good to keep going with Iced Up if you guys are. Mar 21, 2024 6:06:52 GMT -5
Nightcrawler: Thanks, Ava! Mar 20, 2024 7:28:06 GMT -5
Mist: I'll edit and end Foggy State. It's a shame TC had to leave again. Mar 20, 2024 6:07:01 GMT -5
Nightcrawler: Ava, let me know what you want to do with Foggy State. Mar 20, 2024 5:47:57 GMT -5
Nightcrawler: Ninja, Kris, I presume we want to continue Iced Up? We can just modify our couple of posts and delete Flashpoint's post? Mar 20, 2024 5:46:37 GMT -5
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